Podcast episode 9: The Neogrammarians

In this episode, we introduce the Neogrammarians, the dominant school of linguistics in the closing decades of the nineteenth century.

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Archive DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4767863

References for Episode 9

Primary Sources

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Secondary Sources

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One comment on “Podcast episode 9: The Neogrammarians
  1. JLS says:

    To the tune of “Mesopotamians” by TMBG:

    We’re the Neogrammarians
    Brugmann, Osthoff, Leskien, Delbrück and Behagel

    And Curtius wouldn’t print a word we say
    So we’ll put it down in our own journal
    Half believing there will sometime come a day
    Someone gives a damn
    Maybe when diffusionists have crumbled into sand

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