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Podcast episode 28: Franz Boas and the Boasians

Franz Boas

In this episode, we begin our exploration of American linguistics by looking at the innovative contributions of Franz Boas (1858–1942) and his circle of students.

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Podcast episode 27: Interview with Peter Trudgill on sociolinguistic typology

John Sell Cotman – Mousehold Heath (1810)

In this interview, we talk to Peter Trudgill about how the structure of speaker communities may influence the structure of languages.

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Podcast episode 26: Interview with Philipp Krämer on creoles and creole studies

Street sign

In this interview, we talk to Philipp Krämer about the history of the study of creole languages and present-day efforts to standardise creoles around the world.

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Podcast episode 25: Interview with Felicity Meakins on contact linguistics

Gurindji kids

In this interview, we talk to Felicity Meakins about Pidgins, Creoles, and mixed languages. We discuss what they are, and how they are viewed in both linguistic scholarship and in speaker communities.

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Podcast episode 24: Interview with Lorenzo Cigana on the Copenhagen Circle

Louis Hjelmslev

In this interview, we talk to Lorenzo Cigana about Louis Hjelmslev and the Copenhagen Linguistic Circle.

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Podcast episode 23: Interview with Noam Chomsky on the beginnings of generative grammar

Noam Chomsky

In this interview, we talk to Noam Chomsky about the intellectual environment in which generative grammar emerged.

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Podcast episode 22: Interview with Christopher Hutton on linguistics under National Socialism

Völkerkarte von Mitteleuropa

In this interview, we talk to Christopher Hutton about linguistic scholarship under National Socialism and how this relates to linguistics today.

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E. F. K. Koerner (1939–2022)

With the recent passing of Konrad Koerner on 6 January 2022, we offer here as a tribute to his life and work some excerpts from a previously unreleased biographical interview, recorded on 2 January 2019 at his apartment in Prenzlauer

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Podcast episode 21: Karl Bühler’s Organon model and the Prague Circle

Organon model

In this episode, we look at psychologist Karl Bühler’s (1879–1963) Organon model of communication and observe its influence on the linguists Nikolai Trubetzkoy (1890–1938) and Roman Jakobson (1896–1982), who were associated with the Prague Circle.

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Podcast episode 20: Interview with Jacqueline Léon on Firth, Malinowski and the London School

In this interview, we continue the theme of the previous episode and talk to Jacqueline Léon about John Rupert Firth (1890–1960), Bronisław Malinowski (1884–1942) and the London School.

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