Podcast episode 32: Leonard Bloomfield and behaviourism

In this episode, we discuss the leading American linguist Leonard Bloomfield and his connections to the psychological school of behaviourism and the philosophical doctrines of logical positivism.

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References for Episode 32

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One comment on “Podcast episode 32: Leonard Bloomfield and behaviourism
  1. Looking through the background on this, it does not seem timely or urgent. I know nothing of logical positivism. Until today, on another blog post, I knew nothing of cosmopolitanism, much less that such an ‘ism’ existed: this, in view of the fact I had lived in a cosmopolitan city for several years. Let me ask: Is there something called illogical positivism? That would seem to be either paradox contradiction? Some hold that there are no paradoxes—only things we cannot grasp.

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