CALL FOR PAPERS: I° National Conference of History of linguistic and semiotic thought, Rome (17-18 September 2018)


I° National Conference of History of linguistic and semiotic thought

State of the art and case studies

Organized by CISPELS – Rome, Department of Philosophy, at Villa Mirafiori, 17-18 September 2018

The first National Conference of the CISPELS (Inter-society coordination for the history of linguistic and semiotic thought) will be held in Rome (17-18 september 2018) hosted by “Sapienza” University of Rome, Department of Philosophy (chairs of Philosophy of Language and the Laboratorio di Storia delle idee linguistiche).After three years of shared activities, punctuated by the annual Summer Schools in Stresa (III edition 16-20.7.2018), and with the intention of merging the organization of Ichols XV (Milan, 2020), the first CISPELS conference is aimed to:

  1. Create an occasion of debate on the possible objects and methods of historical and historical-theoretical analysis in the fields of linguistics and semiotics by resuming and developing, in accordance of the current standards, the issues raised at the outset of the discipline (in the Sixties and Seventies), in conjunction with the overall structure of linguistic research;
  2. Offer a map of current research in the history of linguistic ideas and doctrines, by means of the participation of colleagues from the scientific societies involved in the conference as well as of young researchers in various academic fields, both in Italy and abroad.

Three keynote speakers will address the three main areas involved in the conference: Paola Cotticelli for the glottological-linguistic area; Lia Formigari for the philosophical-linguistic and semiotic area; Mirko Tavoni for the area of romance linguistics. In the opening session of the conference, Tullio De Mauro († 2017) will be commemorated, with special reference to his contribution to the history of linguistic ideas.The papers (previously selected by the scientific committee, see below), which will be presented and discussed during the sessions of the conference, will address the following topics:

    • –  History of linguistic terminology;
    • –  Traditional authors concerned with the issue of language in the philosophical, semiotic, historical-scientific, philological-linguistic fields, etc.
    • –  Trends in the research on language (i.e. naturalism, conventionalism, realism, iconicism and the like);
    • –  History of grammar and grammar theories;
    • –  History of sign-languages and of gesture.

Proposals for papers (which can be presented in either English or Italian at the discretion of the author and a selected bibliography) should be of about 3000 characters (including spaces) and have to be submitted to the conference administration (

We encourage contributions from any related field focused on an argument or author relevant to the history of linguistic and semiotic thought. As a general selection criterion, submitted proposals must take into account the following requirements: thematic specificity, explicitness of the theoretical assumptions and possibility of debate with the other related fields of study.

Proposals of papers, collected by the conference administration, will be reviewed and evaluated, following the standard blind review method, by two members of the scientific committee (and/or potential external evaluators in case of specific needs). Once accepted, papers will be organized into sessions in accordance with the homogeneity of the issues and/or the historical period. Accepted speakers will be allotted 20 minutes for their presentation followed by 10 minutes for discussion. In relation to the number of accepted papers, the possibility of parallel sessions will be evaluated considering a range of 15-30 speakers.

The registration fee is 20 euros for students and non academic-staff and 40 euros for the academic-staff. Further notice will be given in due time to all participants about housing solutions close to the conference location (there are hotels with specific housing agreements with our University that will eventually be contacted upon request), restaurants and food courts.

Deadline for proposed papers submission to the email address of the conference administration ( is 15th May 2018.

Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent by June 15th 2018.“Sapienza” organizational committee:

Chairs of Philosophy of language: proff. Marina De Palo (, Stefano Gensini (
Conference administrationprof. aggr. Filomena Diodato:

Scientific committee: in addition to the components of the organizational committee, it includes members of the CISPELS’s scientific community as representatives of each scientific society involved, under the responsibility of prof. Savina Raynaud (Università Cattolica di Milano).

Address of the hosting structure: Dipartimento di Filosofia, Via Carlo Fea 2, 00161 Roma.
Web site:

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