Recent publications in the history and philosophy of the language sciences – April 2021

Marco Tamburelli & Mauro Tosco, ed. 2021. Contested Languages. The hidden multilingualism of Europe. Amsterdam : John Benjamins. Studies in World Language Problems, 8. 271 p. ISBN : 9789027208040
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This is the first volume entirely dedicated to contested languages. While generally listed in international language atlases, contested languages usually fall through the cracks of research: excluded from the literature on minority languages and treated as mere ensembles of geographically defined varieties by traditional dialectology. This volume investigates the nature of contested languages, the role language ideologies play in the perception of these languages, the contribution of academic discourse to the formation and perpetuation of language contestedness, and the damage contestedness causes to linguistic communities and ultimately to linguistic diversity. Various situations and degrees of language contestedness are presented and analysed, along with theoretical considerations, exploring potential roads to recognition and issues in language planning that arise from language contestedness. Addressing the “language vs dialect” question head on, the volume opens up new perspectives that are relevant to all students and researchers interested in the maintenance of linguistic diversity.

Laurent Cesalli, Frederic Goubier, Anne Grondeux, Aurélien Robert, Luisa Valente, dir. 2021. Ad placitum. Pour Irène Rosier-Catach. Rome : Aracne editrice. Flumen Sapientiae, 14. 684 p. ISBN : 978-88-255-3913-4
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Ce volume est un florilège libre des manières dont les ami.e.s, élèves et collègues d’Irène Rosier-Catach ont souhaité rendre hommage à son œuvre comme à sa personne. En dépit de son titre en forme de mot d’ordre – ad placitum – l’ensemble de ces 87 textes traite, sous un rapport ou un autre, de la thématique centrale des travaux d’Irène Rosier-Catach, à savoir le langage. La diversité des formes et des langues reflète la très large et riche communauté qui s’est formée autour d’elle. Une publication atypique, pour une figure hors du commun.

The table of contents is available here.

Lindsay Rose Russel. 2021. Women and Dictionary-Making. Gender, Genre, and English Language Lexicography. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press. ISBN : 9781316638194
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Dictionaries are a powerful genre, perceived as authoritative and objective records of the language, impervious to personal bias. But who makes dictionaries shapes both how they are constructed and how they are used. Tracing the craft of dictionary making from the fifteenth century to the present day, this book explores the vital but little-known significance of women and gender in the creation of English language dictionaries. Women worked as dictionary patrons, collaborators, readers, compilers, and critics, while gender ideologies served, at turns, to prevent, secure, and veil women’s involvements and innovations in dictionary making. Combining historical, rhetorical, and feminist methods, this is a monumental recovery of six centuries of women’s participation in dictionary making and a robust investigation of how the social life of the genre is influenced by the social expectations of gender.

Ariele Morinini. 2021. Il nome e la lingua. Studi e documenti di storia linguistica svizzero-italiana. Tübingen : Narr Francke Attempto Verlag. 326 p. ISBN : 978-3-7720-8730-1
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Il nome e la lingua

La presente monografia si propone di ripercorrere, con approcci metodologici diversi, la formazione e lo sviluppo della percezione di un’identità linguistica, letteraria e culturale nel territorio della Svizzera italiana. La ricerca muove dall’indagine sull’evoluzione semantica delle denominazioni impiegate nella regione, dal Medioevo all’istituzione degli Stati moderni, per giungere alle opere e al pensiero degli studiosi e degli scrittori che hanno animato il dibattito identitario nei secoli XIX e XX, tra i quali Stefano Franscini, Carlo Salvioni e Francesco Chiesa. In appendice al volume è edito il Dizionariuccio Ticinese-luganese-italiano di Francesco Cherubini, accompagnato da
una scelta di documenti relativi alla sua attività svizzero-italiana.


  1. Medioevo ed età moderna. Il mutare delle denominazioni
  2. L’Ottocento. Tra Lombardia e Svizzera
  3. Il Novecento. L’identità linguistica, letteraria e culturale
  4. Quasi una conclusione, tra lessico e identità
  5. Appendice. Testi e documenti

Jacopo D’Alonzo & Alexandre Feron. 2020. Genèse, origine, récapitulation. Trần Đức Thảo face aux sciences du langage. Histoire Épistémologie Langage 42-2. ISSN : 0750-8069
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Robert Nicolaï
Hommage – Andrée Tabouret-Keller (1929-2020)

Dossier thématique
Genèse, Origine, Récapitulation. 
Trần Đức Thảo face aux sciences du langage

Jacopo D’Alonzo et Alexandre Feron

Didier Samain
Technique et fiction chez Trần Đức Thảo. Qu’est-ce qu’un contexte d’activité ?

Guillaume Dechauffour
La construction mutuelle du sujet et du monde. La méthode génétique et l’hypothèse de la récapitulation chez Piaget et Trần Đức Thảo

Patrick Flack
Le « sens du réel » et l’indication chez Trần Đức Thảo. Une comparaison critique avec Hendrik Pos

Antonino Bondì
De quelques intersections entre la philosophie linguistique de Trần Đức Thảo et la phénoménologie sémiotique

Juliette Farjat
Trần Đức Thảo en contexte. Une critique originale de Saussure ?

Andrea D’Urso
Trần Đức Thảo et la sémiotique marxiste de Volochinov et Rossi-Landi. Travail linguistique, hominisation et pratique sociale.

Jacopo D’Alonzo
Les derniers travaux sur l’origine du langage et de la conscience (1975-1991) : les Recherches anthropologiques.


Gilles Siouffi
Langues vivantes / langues XVIIe siècle. Un paradigme en émergence au XVIIe siècle

Didier Samain
Sinologie et typologie. Deux articles de linguistique générale de Georg von der Gabelentz

Lectures et critiques

2021. Language and History. Vol. 64-1. Abingdon-on-Thames :Taylor and Francis. ISSN: 1759-7536
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Joseph Neef (1770-1854): a forgotten pioneer of applying phonetics and regularised phonic materials to the initial teaching of literacy in English
Greg Brooks

On ancient vs. modern, eastern vs. western, contributions to text coherence theory
José Miguel Blanco Pena

A post-Bloomfieldian’s last stand: Charles Hockett’s attempt to resign from the LSA in 1982
Frederick Newmeyer

Book reviews

The history of language learning and teaching I: 16th-18th century Europe
Review by Simon Coffey

Language, mind, and body: a conceptual history
Review by Joseph L. Subbiondo

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