Interdisciplinary Seminar (online) – Linguistic Geographies. History, Epistemology and Methods

Organisation : Felix DE MONTETY (CNRS, Laboratoire Pacte, Grenoble, France)
Information :

This seminar aims at surveying the crossing trajectories of various scientific approaches to space and language, not only in geography and linguistics but also in history, anthropology and beyond. Its participants will propose to study how the tools of cartographical representation have been used and transformed over the past centuries to represent the spread and movement of language across specific territories, to look at the importance of naming processes in the making of place and identity, and explore some of the ways linguistic surveying can be translated from lived spaces to atlases.

Calendar – All sessions take place at 2 p.m (GMT+1)

8 January 2021                              
Felix DE MONTETYSeminar introduction
Philip JAGESSAR‘Mapping definitely, the indefinite’: the Linguistic Survey of India as an experimental atlas

29 January 2021    
Alfred LAMELILanguage Mapping through the centuries (19th century-present)
Stefan RABANUSTraditions and challenges in language mapping

5 Février/ February 2021       
Matteo DE CHIARAQuelles informations nous offre la toponymie ? Le cas de la vallée de Swat, Pakistan

26 Mars/ March 2021
Sven KÖDELCartographier les limites des langues dans l’empire napoléonien : l’enquête Coquebert de Montbret et la géographie de la langue française 
Mathieu AVANZICartographier la variation du français à l’ère des sciences participatives (2000-2020)
Guylaine BRUN-TRIGAUD – Présentation de deux outils pour géolinguistes : ShinyDialect et ShinyClass 

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