Cfp : First International Conference on Linguistic Terminology, Glossing and Phonemicization (Yamagata University, Japan, Feb. 22–23, 2020)

Hosted by the Japanese Linguistics Internationalization Committee
Held at Yamagata University, Yonezawa Campus, Japan, Feb. 22–23, 2020

Call for Papers

As linguistic research expands to cover an ever increasing number of languages and subfields, various collaborations have been carried out to standardize terminology and glossing practices. This has led to a wealth of useful resources such as Glottopedia or the Leipzig Glossing Rules, with various other projects currently underway. The Japanese Linguistics Internationalization Committee (JLINC), established in April 2019, aims to compile a list of English, German, French, Chinese and Korean translations for Japanese linguistics terminology as well as a set of interlinear glossing rules and phonemicizations for Japonic (Japanese-Ryūkyūan) languages and dialects.

The goal of LiTGaP 2020 is to bring together researchers from various fields of linguistics to discuss issues related to linguistic terminology and translations thereof, as well as the methodology of interlinear glossing and phonemicization. Papers on linguistic terminology from all languages and subfields as well as all aspects of glossing and phonemicization related to any language are welcome.

This year’s conference will focus particularly on the history of linguistic terminology and interlinear glossing. While the interlinear morphemic gloss is a relatively recent phenomenon, the practice of glossing texts with lexical, morphosyntactic and phonetic annotations is by no means a new phenomenon, with glossing traditions dating back centuries if not millennia throughout many cultures. This year, we welcome papers not only on the modern interlinear morphemic gloss, but glossing at large as a cross-cultural, diachronic phenomenon.

Papers are to be 20 minutes long with 10 minutes for Q&A. Papers are to be delivered in English or Japanese. Other languages may also be accepted on a case by case basis (please contact us in advance). If presenting in a language other than English, we ask that you provide handouts or a PowerPoint presentation in English.

Please send your title and abstract in English or Japanese (500 words or 800 characters max) to Matthew Zisk ( by October 15, 2019.

Limited financial assistance for travel expenses and/or accommodation will be available for speakers from outside of Japan. Please let us know if you require financial assistance when you apply.

This conference is funded in part by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) #19H01265: Development of a multilingual dictionary of Japanese linguistics terminology and a glossing standard for Japonic languages (PI: Matthew Zisk).

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