Program September-December 2016

Updated: 27 November 2016

The Chilean Academy of the Spanish Language: the institutionalization of a discourse community.
Darío Rojas
University of Chile
Ludwig Noiré and the Debate on Language Origins in the 19th Century
Jacopo D’Alonzo
Sorbonne Nouvelle & Sapienza Università di Roma
Missionary linguistics in Central Australia 1890-1910
David Moore
University of Western Australia
Mapping Language: linguistic cartography as a topic for the history of science
Jan David Braun
University of Vienna
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23-25 November 2022
Salamanca, Spain
III Jornadas de Ideologías en obras sobre las lenguas de España y Portugal (ss. XV-XX)

12–13 January 2023
Paris, France
SHESL Conference 2023
New historical and diachronic perspectives on grammaticalization

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