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New OA book series: history and philosophy of the language sciences

The open access publisher Language Science Press has just started a new book series on the history and philosophy of the language sciences. Proposals are welcome for books that fall within the aims and scope of the series:

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New Issue: Acta Structuralica – Open Access

Special issue on Phenomenology and Structuralism. Articles:

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Vivien Law Prize 2018

The Vivien Law Prize is offered annually by the Henry Sweet Society for the best essay in the history of linguistic ideas. The competition is open to all currently registered students, and to scholars who have received their PhD or

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Martin Burr Grant 2019

[Post updated 14 May 2018] Application deadline 30 September 2018 The Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas invites applications for the Martin Burr Grant, which awards small amounts of funding (usually up to a maximum of £500)

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CfP: Sprache und Globalisierung

Die Gesellschaft für Interlinguistik e.V. (GIL) lädt herzlich ein zu ihrer Jahrestagung 2018 mit dem Schwerpunkthema Sprache und Globalisierung

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Call for Papers: “A host of tongues” – Multilingualism, lingua franca and translation in the Early Modern period

FCSH-UNL, Lisbon, 13th to 15th December 2018 In the 15th and 16th centuries, the linguistic situation in Europe was one of remarkable fluidity. Latin, the great scholarly lingua franca of the medieval period, was beginning to crack as the tectonic

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Grant proposals: Language Acts and Worldmaking

The deadline for this round of funding is midnight on 27th May 20. Application form available here Languages Memory is the theme for the first Language Acts and Worldmaking conference, due to be held in Bush House, London, 13-14 June

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Recent publications in the history and philosophy of linguistics, April 2018

Below is a list of some monographs and collected volumes in the history and philosophy of linguistics that have appeared recently.

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Some reflections on the uses and abuses of theory in linguistic thought

Jon Orman My purpose in this piece is to offer a few brief thoughts on a series of questions with which I have become increasingly interested in recent months. Linguistics, it seems to me, is awash with theories and theoretical

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Lawyers, Linguists and Truthiness

Douglas Kibbee University of Illinois Are lies information? This was the question before the Supreme Court of Michigan in a 2016 case (People v. Harris, based on a 2009 incident). A police officer was charged with pulling a motorist out

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